Learning Targets for Students


  1. Students will develop empathy and compassionate living skills.

  2. Students will demonstrate proficiency in Core Curriculum State Standards for Literacy, particularly in the areas of ____________________. (Areas of the CCSS in which Core Empathy excels.)

  3. Students will learn how to express their ideas, feelings and responses through discussion, creative expression, role playing and writing experiences.

  4. Students will use their empathy and compassionate living skills to find creative strategies for responding to bullying, both individually and as a compassionate learning community.

  5. Students will learn how to co-create a safe and supportive learning environment in which everyone prospers and in which academic learning is thereby accelerated.


Professional Targets for Teachers


  1. Teachers will create and develop classroom strategies for the cultivation of empathy and compassionate living skills in the learning environment.

  2. Teachers will help students meet many of the Core Curriculum State Standards for Literacy through successful facilitation of the Core Empathy curriculum.

  3. Teachers will learn how to apply Core Empathy teaching strategies to other curriculum content.

  4. Teachers will cultivate self-compassion, finding ways to minimize work-related stress while optimizing the joy of being with children.


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