Let’s get one thing clear right now.


The innovators / designers of CoreEmpathy fully support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. We believe that these standards support academic success, leading to increased preparedness for jobs and college. In that they are being adopted virtually country-wide, the CCSS help level the academic playing field, creating greater equality in education from state to state. In today’s mobile society, the Standards also enable students to make easier transitions between schools when families move.


However, we also believe there is another “core” in education that must be addressed simultaneously before true success can be claimed. That core, of course, is empathy.


Our children must learn how to get along.


Our children must feel safe and supported in their school environment.


Our children must learn the #1 skill of the 21st century: Empathy. They must learn how to see the world from another’s point of view, how to walk “two moons” in another person’s shoes.


Fortunately, the State Standards for literacy and empathy can share the same “core.” When we talk about literacy, we are talking about reading, writing, language and collaborative skills, all of which may be learned and practiced through the reading and writing of stories. As we note in other sections of this website, empathy may be cultivated and practiced as a student enters the virtual world of a story. Empathy may be further developed through collaborative discussion, creative expression and writing exercises—in other words, through literacy-focused activities.


We believe literacy and empathy are a perfect match. They meet in the heart of the story.

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