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Uniting Academic Success with Social Emotional Growth

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What Is CoreEmpathy?

CoreEmpathy is an instructional approach uniting social-emotional empathy practice with academic learning, elevating both. Reading and writing are seen through an empathy lens.

​​CoreEmpathy is easily implemented within existing curricula, books, and practices, allowing you to teach to literacy standards while simultaneously cultivating empathy in your classroom. 

CoreEmpathy reinvigorates the joy of teaching

and gives teachers and parents a significant way

to make a real difference in their students’ lives.


Learning deepens while empathy blooms.

"Reading with an empathy lens has unlocked the value of story in my students' lives."

     --3rd grade teacher

“The learning just kept getting deeper and more interesting to them. They were living the books. I was originally attracted to this approach for the empathy alone, but I quickly realized this was the best thing I could have done for my students to teach them to become stronger readers and writers.”

            --1st grade teacher

"This is the best writing I've seen my students do all year."

    --Kindergarten teacher

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